LASIK Benefits

LASIK Benefits

Most patients are extremely pleased with their LASIK results. The benefits of LASIK eye surgery are many, and include immediate vision improvement, the ability to discontinue using costly and frustrating corrective eyewear and contact lenses, and broadened social, recreational, and career opportunities.

Please read below to learn more about LASIK eye surgery and the many benefits LASIK patients enjoy.

Immediate Results

One of the truly remarkable benefits of LASIK eye surgery is that most LASIK patients experience dramatically improved vision within short moments of the procedure. While ideal visual acuity may take up to six months to achieve, it is very common for patients to demonstrate near-perfect vision during their follow-up examinations the very day after LASIK surgery, and to immediately discontinue the use of glasses or contact lenses.

Freedom from Corrective Eyewear

After successfully undergoing LASIK eye surgery, one of the benefits patients are most excited about is their new-found freedom from corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. In the vast majority of cases, patients enjoy visual acuity that is better than what they formerly experienced with the use of corrective lenses, and are no longer dependent on glasses and contacts. For many LASIK patients, gone are the days of worrying over broken glasses or lost contacts, packing cumbersome cleaning and storing solutions for a vacation, or paying for costly replacements each time refractive needs change. With LASIK eye surgery, patients not only enjoy incredibly clear vision, but also enjoy a life free from the daily hassles and expenses of glasses and contact lenses. visit our LASIK Results page .

New Activities and Career Opportunities

Patients who have undergone successful LASIK eye surgery find that travel becomes much more enjoyable and convenient because they no longer have to worry about packing a back-up pair of glasses or all the accessories necessary for contact wearers. Furthermore, such activities as swimming, cycling, sky-diving, and even spending a day at the beach become more pleasurable without the worries and hassles associated with corrective eyewear.

In addition to the many leisure-time LASIK eye surgery benefits, patients also find that they have a broadened array of career choices available to them. Some fields, especially law enforcement and aviation, require participants to display excellent vision that is not dependent upon such refractive solutions as glasses or contact lenses. After undergoing LASIK, patients who were not formerly suitable candidates for such occupations find themselves embarking on the careers of their dreams.

More Self-Confidence

Perhaps the most life-changing of the many LASIK benefits is the heightened self-confidence many patients attain. After LASIK surgery, patients no longer feel as though their faces are hidden by glasses. Furthermore, many patients find that the ability to see more clearly than ever before helps them to be more outgoing socially. For instance, patients who were formerly disoriented while trying to navigate in a darkened environment with poor vision now feel more at ease in dimly-lit clubs and restaurants. Increased self-confidence not only enhances the social lives of LASIK eye surgery patients, but can also lead to a more satisfying love life and a dramatically enhanced professional life.

In summary, LASIK has been proven to be safe and effective for most people. With careful patient screening and selection, reasonable expectations, and in the care of an experienced surgeon, most patients will be very pleased with their results. These are some of the other advantages of LASIK:

  • LASIK is able to accurately correct most levels of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
  • The procedure is fast, usually lasting only five to 10 minutes, and is generally painless.
  • Because the laser is guided by a computer, it is very precise and results are very accurate.
  • In most cases, a single treatment will achieve the desired outcome; however, enhancements are possible if needed, even many years after the initial surgery.

For patients who undergo LASIK, the benefits are often life-altering. From the convenience of not having to worry about glasses or contact lenses, to increased self-confidence and a wider range of possible activities, patients who undergo LASIK eye surgery often feel like a whole new world has been opened to them. If you are interested in undergoing LASIK for superior visual results, please feel free to contact us.

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