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Learn the best options and benefits of custom Lasik in Beirut Lebanon at "Beirut Lasik Center”

Common visual problems or Low order aberrations that include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are perfectly treated with Lasik. However, excellent vision is also dependent on higher order aberrations: a more complicated and personalized visual imperfections that affect the crispness and clarity of your vision. New custom LASIK technology is able to diagnose and treat these visual imperfections like never before. Using state-of-the-art laser technology such as the Topolyzer and the Allegro wavefront analyser linked to the Wavelight wave Eye-Q system, Dr. Mneimneh can reshape the cornea to treat both lower and higher order visual aberrations. These include distortions such as myopie, hyperopia, and astigmatism, as well as imperfections that cause glare, halos, shadows, and night vision. With Custom LASIK, you can achieve a dramatic improvement in the way you see.

With the Allegretto EYE-Q platform we have the greatest selection of customization options available anywhere in Lebanon.

Custom LASIK is the ability to treat prescriptions on an individual basis. Each patient has a unique corneal curvature, a unique corneal asphericity as well as a unique wavefront pattern that is as unique as a fingerprint.

We can therefore offer customization of a treatment based on: Wavefront guided, Topography guided, corneal asphericity remodeling and advanced monovision.

Wavefront guided or A-CAT: The Allegro, a Wavefront analyser devise or Aberrometer is used to measure how light is being bent and refracted through the cornea and onto the retina.

It measures the entire optical system of the eye. This measurement is called a wavefront map.These data are then transferred to the computer-controlled Excimer laser system to produce a custom Lasik ablation profile or A-CAT LASIK, that uses the wavefront map to outline a specific treatment pattern that is unique to the patient. The goal with Custom LASIK is to optimize the quality of vision for each unique patient.

Topography guided or T-CAT: In many circumstances, high order aberrations are due to corneal surface irregularities eg: corneal trauma, corneal ulcers, and previous corneal surgeries etc...In those cases Dr. Mneimneh address the treatment to the irregular cornea; using 2 devices called Pentacam Oculyser and the Allegro Topolyzer he analyze the corneal surface and contours to produce a corneal Topograthy map showing elevations in about 22000 different points and determine exactly any corneal surface anomaly. These data are then transferred to the computer-controlled Excimer laser system to produce a custom Lasik ablation profile correcting both the low and high corneal aberrations. This corneal custom treatment is as good as wavefront-guided treatment but with the a major advantage to ablate less corneal tissue. This is called T-CAT and again is designed to deliver better quality vision.

Corneal asphericity remodeling or F-CAT: The 3rd way in which we can customize a treatment is with the use of the Custom-Q mode. This gives the surgeon more control over the final asphericity of the cornea ensuring better vision in all conditions, from bright sunlight to low light conditions at dawn & dusk or in really dark conditions such as country roads on a dark night.

MONOVISION or even ADVANCED MONOVISION: This technique works well for patients who are already presbyopic (they need reading glasses or Bifocals / Varilux) and wish to be entirely free of glasses after surgery. Here the dominant eye is corrected for distance vision and the non-dominant eye is corrected for near vision and this is a very good compromise for a large proportion of patients. During your assessment, the suitability of monovision will be explored.

As the Wavelight Allegretto EYE-Q is the most advanced laser available and the only laser to have been built right from the start for CUSTOM procedures, it is also the only laser currently ready to accept data from the Pentacam Oculyser and Topolyzer devices to add another custom procedure to our options. Beirut Lasik Center is one of the first clinics in the Middle East region to use Topography-guided procedures.

Whereas many patients treated with the Nidek and Visx S4 are not able to have a Custom treatment, all treatments with the WaveLight Allegretto laser are Custom. Other system today may deliver custom treatment like the ILasik Custom view; but recent data showed that the results are not superior to even the standard treatment delivered by our WaveLight Allegretto. Be sure that we treat your eyes with the best technology available today in the world.

Custom treatments adjust for additional imperfections in the vision which cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. All treatments with the WaveLight Allegretto laser are Custom.

When you consider the various options available, it becomes imperative that you are discussing your options with Dr. Mneimneh. He will address any questions or concerns you may have, and will explain the procedure step by step, so you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

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