Laser eye surgery, Lasik in Beirut Lebanon is an important decision.

For some patients, having lasik eye surgery in Beirut Lebanon may sometimes seem more of a financial decision than a medical or lifestyle choice. However, financing options mean that the cost or price should not be a reason to avoid LASIK.

The best 2 Options available for managing LASIK surgery costs or price in Beirut Lebanon include using a flexible Bank Loan "without interest fees” or financing the procedure through Dr. Mneimneh's office.

With these options, you can reduce the substantial upfront cost of LASIK in Beirut Lebanon into more affordable monthly payments.

LASIK Financing through a Bank Loan

Dr. Mneimneh will guide you toward the most comprehensive bank loan plan available for Lasik surgery. Usually it allows you to spread out payments monthly for as long as one year or more over time without incurring any extra cost.

Partial Financing Offered by Dr. Mneimneh

Another way to finance LASIK is directly through your surgeon's office. We occasionally offer partial financing options through our practices. This is an option to consider as long as Dr. Mneimneh knows you or your relatives personally.

When you are ready for your LASIK procedure, the money is available for your use and you don't need to worry about paying interest on a loan.

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