The Allegretto Eye-Q: Right from the Start

Dr. Mneimneh uses The Allegretto Eye-Q, considered as the most precise laser system for vision correction available in the world.

Safety: PerfectPulse Technology

  • Laser beam intensity is checked 3 times for each pulse
  • Each pulse delivers same ablation depth
  • Consistent energy level at all times

  • Constantly follows the eye’s position
  • Checks eye position every 3 ms
  • Laser is only released if the eye is centered
  • Each pulse is on target

400 pulses per second or 2 seconds per diopter:

  • Shorter exposure for flap and cornea
  • Instantly improved vision after correction
  • Faster healing
  • Greater stability of post-op results

Precision: Wavefront optimized

  • Aspheric ablation profile
  • Matches natural shape of cornea
  • Prevents induction of spherical aberration

Precision: Small laser spot

Fixed laser spot of < 1 mm

  • Higher resolution
  • Finest corneal curvature
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