Presbyopia Treatment

Treatment of Presbyopia

Multifocal Lens Implants

Several multifocal lens implants are now available for use by surgeons. These lenses work in a fashion similar to a multifocal lens in a pair of eyeglasses, in that they contain regions or "zones" for distance viewing, zones for intermediate viewing, and zones for near viewing. These include the ReStor lens (made by Alcon Surgical), the ReZoom lenses (made by AMO - Advanced Medical Optics) and The Acri.LISA (made by Acri.Tec).

The Balanced View Optics of these lenses allows the lens to match its performance characteristics with your lifestyle. The special optics distribute light over five zones. The zones then focus light on the retina to provide better vision at distance, intermediate, and near. So, if you are in a car looking at a map, it may be possible for you to read the map, the dashboard, and the road signs ahead—all without glasses.

Dr.Mneimenh will recommend you the best product currently available for your vision.

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