Treatment of Presbyopia

Monovision with laser vision correction

This has been used at the clinic for the past 10 years or more with great success. More than 6000 patients have enjoyed the benefits of monovision here at the Wellington Eye Clinic. It is a concept based on a principle used by contact lens practitioners for more than 40 years already. The one eye (usually the dominant one) is corrected for distance vision while the non-dominant eye is corrected for near vision. With this combination you find that you are now able to see far and near without the use of glasses and 80% of presbyopes find that monovision provides a good solution for them. If one finds that the monovision is not satisfactory, then the reading eye can be re-treated in order to make it good for distance vision.

Advanced Monovision

Is a new concept. The principle is similar to Monovision described above except for a single difference that results in a better quality distance vision in the reading eye. With normal monovision, the reading eye cannot see well in the distance and this difference between the two eyes can be a reason why monovision does not work for everyone. With advanced monovision, the reading eye is corrected for near but with the use of a laser profile called "Custom-Q" the asphericity of the cornea can be changed in such a way that even though the eye has been modified for reading vision, it still retains good distance vision. This results in less "difference between the 2 eyes" and less of a compromise in terms of visual quality.

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